Project Foce

Fashion plays in a provocative manner with the military style and this mood influences our culture, art, and fashion itself. Over the years, jackets worn by armies worldwide have increased their presence in our daily dress code. The Parka, worn by the students driving the social movements of 1968, were soon to become a symbol of freedom and nonconformity. Even before that, in 1950, the US Army used parkas given their proven cold and rain protection qualities. Parka was also the representative element of British youth culture, the “mod”, born in the early 60’s; finally also worn by the musical grunge scene both in USA and in the UK in the 90’s. Project Foce revisits the form, fabric and details of this must-wear clothing from a truly contemporary perspective. Project–[Foce]–Singleseason reinterprets military style with grungy flavour by mixing the look of woodcutters and fishermen with the vintage military. In the wintertime, this coat become true cold-protection wear with padded material or real fur lining. Everything is Made in Italy with the best materials, detailed decorations, all in a mix of cool allure, unique style and numerous cultural reminiscences.

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